A small Paradise at the reach of your hands!

There are dozens of miles of natural and exotic beaches, some of those we describe below. Whether going by feet, or riding a bike, boat or car, every step will take you into areas as empty and wild as the portuguese sailors found at the the year 1500.

Promenades in Cumuruxatiba

Whale Watching -
The ride for Whale Watching presently consists as the main entertainment, and point of interest for the region, mostly destinated to those tourists of high ecological conciency that get affected by the looking of those big mammifers threatened by extintion. see details.

Cahy river estuary - That´s the place where the portugueses most likely had the very first approach with the natives of Pataxo tribe. In order to rememorate the happening and at same time be used as a traditional sign for the Discovery of Brazil, a wooden cross was raised at the beach. Nowadays it´s a pleasant spot at the mouth of the river, where you can taste delicacies of local culinary and spend some few hours.

Corumbau - At Corimbau, North of Cumuruxatiba, you can find the Pataxos and Itacolomis reef formations, also excelent scuba diving points. The beach shows a lot of coconut palm trees and mangroves, at just 2 hours sailing from the village of Cumuruxatiba. The expeditions live approximately at 8:30 am, returning by 5:00 pm with stoppages at Pataxos reefs for a brief diving.

Moreira beach - A very small beach shaped like a horse shoe, and previously used as a nudism spot. Also known as "The Lovers beach" for its romantic and primitive atmosphere.

Tauá beach - Beach of tapped sands, with cliffs making scenarios of multiple colors.

Oyster Beaches - A beach with open tide and full of cliffs.

Tororão Beach - A beach of soft sand, some rocks, reefs and a small river falling down from cliffs and presenting a small waterfall.

Japara Beach - Amazing desert beach, with a small cave at the cliff.

Imbassuaba - Desertic cave surrounded by coconut and almond trees. Good option for line fishing.

Rio do Peixe Grande Beach - Exotic beach of white sand with cliffs and almond trees allover.

The Beach of the Village - With nearly a mile long, it offers a variety of tents. Main atraction is the old wooden pier, the Pier de Cumuruxatiba, with over 2000 feet.

The lighthouse beach - A grayed sand strip where the Lighhouse of the area is located.

Monte Pascoal National Park

In Itamarajú,  about 50 miles from Cumuruxatiba, we have the Gate for Monte Pascoal National Park, with trails and forrest still preserved. A good area for visiting with an Information Center. Historicly interesting for those looking at the early happenings of our Country.